About Me

Enigmatic tea-fanatic ecstatic about the quest to find the best tea, that’s impressed me with its flavour, something I want to linger over and savour and then tell the world about.

Awwww yeeeah.


One comment on “About Me

  1. Paul Spencer says:

    Now God be praised who gave us this, his tea!
    A short while ago I experienced an epiphany. For 61 years I had been drinking other people’s coffee because I was too polite to refuse. I had even bought and offered the stuff to guests who came to stay. For all those 61 years I had found the stuff disgusting and had assumed it was a problem with me. It wasn’t; it was a problem with coffee. Tea, by comparison is fragrant, delicate and digestible. It also enables me to eat delicious things like scones, cake and biscuits without having their flavour hijacked by the brackish aftertaste of Arabica. Coffee no longer occupies its old space in my cupboard and I feel liberated as a result.
    It was a delight to be recommended to your website and to read the words of a fellow tea-drinker. Sad to say, I live 300 miles from Edinbourgh but tea is tea wherever we fetch up. One day perhaps you will delight my heart by reviewing the teashops of Bakewell, where I live and drink my tea.

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